if it’s no fun, i have no interest, nothing
i’m all about being real, no fakeness allowed
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“I was in Japan so I called him (TOP). I said “I’m sorry I can’t go to the hospital.” And he said “That’s okay, I won’t go to your wedding””

- Daesung talking about TOP in GD Friends Worldwide (via choiseunghyunn)

I’m gonna give you a chance So baby watch your back
I’ll let you live Black b b black blacklist

[HQ] WINNER Seungyoon for 2014 S/S NYC #05 1200x1900

“I’m agressively working on my solo album now. The promotion will be after BIGBANG’s album.”


- T.O.P (starnews interview)

Trans credit: @ShrimpLJY

(via ontopofthebluehill)

140831 Hwangssabu Instagram Update